Working on my Sketchnoting guide and drawing each day before noon. | Skillshare Projects

Working on my Sketchnoting guide and drawing each day before noon.

last year i have redisxovered my youth passion of drawing, of storing and storying ideas in images. I want to develop this skill that involves simple drawings to share ideas called Sketchnoting and Visual thinking. In the process i want to build a business around this as there is a lot of demand for it in my country and not a lot of ppl teaching this. Im to,d i have a lot and the most knowledge about this topic in my country, but i suffer from tremendous lack of productivity. Each day i loose most of it because of self doubt, sense of lack of purpose and so on. Even thouh i have successfuly (more or less) implemented habit of going early to sleep (im a nigh owl) by midnight in order to get more energy during the day I still suffer with floor low productivity :/

i wake up normally for owl 9-10 am and then even tho i have sworn last day that this day will be different I linger and cant force myself to work till 2 pm or even later. Ofcourse i end up with remosre, feeling that im unsucessfull and worthless, even though i. Know its my fault that i didnt start working right away after breakfast. I usually look over facebook drinking morning coffee but then it gets stretched out i try to do something and then after 15 min i get doubts and so on.

i guess my 1st habit that i would want to develop is to stop using facebook while dronking cofee and instead start drawing or reading about drawing so i can draw/write something for my sketchnoting guide.

right now after 2-3 videos im still unsure how I should start, but lets hope I can do this. Now it seems that there is soo many habits that I would have to change, that im scared and it seems imposible to change my life in a reasonable amount of time. By reasonable i mean fast actuallt because my lack of successes is killin me :/


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