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Working on a more constructive morning routine


So before I start thinking about/outlining my ideal morning I think it might be good to think about why I want to improve my morning routine. I find mornings really difficult, I am definitely not someone that is a natural early riser (which is frustrating considering I live on the other side of London to where I work.) At the moment I have to give myself just under an hour just to wake up, get dressed, make my hair vaguely presentable, have breakfast, and brush my teeth. I do not wear make up, and don't style my hair in any particular way, so that's not sapping time from my morning - it's literally because I am a zombie at 6:12am no matter how hard I try or how many hours I have slept. [NB I wake up at 6:12 because it makes me feel like I have a little extra time to get ready, whilst also not feeling as early as 6:10....don't ask why, just how my brain works....]

I guess the reason I am doing this class is so I can re-claim some of my time. My commute takes me between 2hours 45mins to 4 hours a day (depending on public transport, yay!) I have managed to make use of that time for my creative needs by doing an observational drawing project (called Post It Journeys) but I still feel like my time at home is nothing but an exercise in subsitance - clean,cook,eat,sleep. Seeing as I'm exhausted when I get home, I'm thinking maybe reclaiming the morning as a time when I can learn, do some form of exercise, or work on creative projects will be a really positive step.

With that in mind - the things I would like to involve in my morning routine include:

-Watching TED talks

-Working through Skillshare classes

-Continuing with my language studies


-Hula Hooping


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