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Working With What I've Got...

Unit 1: 

Photo Credit: via the Ciao Newport Beach Blog - no original source credit whch makes me sad.

  1. Need: The sofa and tables work with the Need in this room. 
  2. Shape: The couches, windows, and even the little fish plate on the coffee table add intersting shapes to the room. 
  3. Color: The room is bursting with beautiful sea foam greens and blues. The pot on the coffee table and the blooms bring in a beautiful pinks, greens, and purples too. 
  4. Pattern & Texture: The couche and all of its pillows bring in a variety of interesting patterns and textures. 
  5. Placement: The coffee table has a beautiful mix of simple fish plates and a bigger dish filled with seashells. The pot, again, adds something florals and a pop of color to the tablescape. 
  6. Bling: The chandelier above the dinner table adds a beautiful bit of sparkle and bling to the room.
  7. The flowers on both the coffee table and dinner table add nice pops of color contrast to the room and both are in interesting containers.  

Unit 2: Coffee Table

Details:  I used nicknacks that mean something to both my husband and I to put together the coffee table.  

  1. The fabric on the coffee table is from Thailand and my sister brought it back to me during her travels. (She's also in the class, Nikki Mac!) 
  2. The books are from a tablescape I put together for our card table at our wedding. They have the titles, I'm a Lucky Guy and A Woman in Love. 
  3. The metal flower - bling element #1 - was handmade by my grandfather who worked in a steelmill and created beautiful things in his spare time.
  4. The duckies exhibit our personalities as they're a little serious and a little quirky. They were a cake topper also from our wedding.  
  5. Metal coasters - functional and add a bit of bling.
  6. The green metal pot (from the Dollar Tree) and fern actually help tie in the pillows, which again, I swear they are more green looking in person. 
  7. The metal candle holder - bling element #2 - is from Ikea and a beautiful little touch (and also a present to my husband to replace the [many] candle holders of his I've broken by accident over the years).

Unit 3: Sofa & Console (which I'll take a photo of as soon as the lighting works) 

We just moved in a few months ago (and then started we both immediately into a busy semester of teaching) so things aren't as put together yet as I'd like.  I know that we desperately need art above our sofa, but we haven't found something yet that blends with the room overall. 

Sofa Details: The pillows actually look much more green in person, but for some reason when they're photographed they look more white.  I made the covers for the pillows myself ($3 total for fabric, and had zippers on hand) in what was actually a really easy project - and I even added zippers (which I was most excited about!!)  The blanket on the right side of the couch is flannel and while it's not easy to pick up the texture it's warm and snuggly and was a handmade present so it's just special regardless.

*Also, I would like to express my personal glee that Justina doesn't like the weird divet thing designers do with pillows either. I don't get it, and it's never been something I think makes the pillows or space look any prettier.  

Seeing the sofa as it is, it's clear we could use more pillows but in terms of function here less is more for us, because we don't have room for more pillows and even if we wanted them, they'd usually be strewn all over the floor and on on the couch, and we just don't have room around the floor of the couch for pillow castoffs.  

Unit 3 Console: 

This little corner was really hard to photograph.  It's pretty dark, so I had to wait until the afternoon to get enough light and then I also used my trusty tripod to try and get the most light possible.  

For my console styling project, I picked the small table by our entryway.  This space has to have some function so it holds our keys, a lamp we leave on if we head out in the evening so it's not dark when we come back, and the drawer of the desk has a bunch of things hidden away in it, like take out menues, and my husband's earbuds.  The table is an antique from my MIL, but it needs a little love and to be refinished. I love the playful curves of the desk though, they're my favorite part of the piece!! 

(As a side note, as we don't have a coat closet in our apartment.  I don't love coat racks, but this was the easiest and most functional way we found to, well, hang up our coats.) 


  • Bling: The lamp base is silver, and adds a nice little pop of bling to the console. 
  • Pattern & Texture: I used a folded napkin to bring in a bit more color to the look. *It probably needs to be ironed. 
  • Texture & Foliage: I added an ivy plant I picked up the other day and planted it in an Ikea pot. I'm waiting for the ivy to get bigger so I can eventually do this nifty project, hopefully for our bedroom or our screen porch:
  • The little adorandack chair is a memory from a vacation.
  • The frame is a photo of my mother (with awesome cat eye glasses) from when she was in elementary school.
  • Need & Shape: The key dish is actually a soap dish I found in the clearance section at Ikea - go figure.
  • The little shell box was a gift from a friend from Cuba - it adds some bling (pretty shiny) and a wee bit of texture too. 


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