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Jake Olson

Illustrator / Video Editor



Working With What I've Got

Thank You for this class, Melanie!


I often find myself distracted with wanting to try new things and coming up with ideas- i become uninspired from the volume and lack of doing. I think my mood and surroundings very much effect my creativity and lately I've found myself doing a lot on my own. 

I moved to NYC a year and a half ago- and a lot of my time here has been good. But I do find myself distant from people- almost feeling like my values and ideas don't line up with a lot of the people I've met. Also, travel and distance make it difficult to see people at times. 

So here I am! As a creative person I see these moments(although frustrating) these challenges help build character and help fuel inspiration thru experience. Not to mention, even when things seem to get me down I tend to laugh at my own silly mistakes or see the humor in just looking around and naturally observing your surroundings.


1) What am I ridiculously good at?

Puns, Doodling, Weird / Silly Humor

2) What creative work makes me giddy with excitement?

Cartoons & characters - Entertainment: meaning making people laugh or think.

3) I love..

I love clients with and open mind. 
Challenges and problem solving
Working solo or with a team
Freedom to work outdoors and with nature related topics

3b) I Don't Love..

Flaky clients - not getting paid
The art director over the should / taking the mouse to do something
Waste: Pollution - Time
Stealing designs - as some companies only copy trends and other finished products

4) My dream clients are...

Musicians - Music Artists, Cartoon Studios - Animators, Game Developers - Designers, Street - Beach Tshirt Companies

5) I love to do creative work with..

both hands and digital platform

6) The ONE thing I must learn to improve my niche creative skill is..

Focus. And to break that down further - Organization as well as discipline to finish more projects and work, not just stack ideas.



here are 2 examples I completed for this class project - honestly, I have a list compiled of over 75 more "famous food" puns... I really think If I stick with this project I can learn some new techniques in both digital form as well as traditional illustration.




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