Working Towards My Creative Identity

Working Towards My Creative Identity - student project

Hey! I'm an occasional illustration hobbyist. I draw portraits of women most of the time. I take up on drawing sometimes and leave it at other times. I can easily say that I spent all of my childhood by drawing things. 


My style dice concepts were : 

Classic Inspo + Family History

Guilty Pleasure + Self Portrait

Happy Accidents + 6yr Old Tattoo


The first concept was a big challenge for me because I draw portraits all the time and not explore concepts much as it feels more difficult to me. 

Here's my take on Classic Inspo + Family History:


Working Towards My Creative Identity - image 1 - student project

I tried combining family history of migration with inspiration from books. It was super challenging for me but I kinda liked the final result.


I didn't use second concept self portrait+guilty pleasures because all of my drawings are portraits and I wanted to explore other creative concepts. 


Happy Accidents + 6yr Old Tattoo:

Working Towards My Creative Identity - image 2 - student project


I challenged myself to draw as if I were 6 years old. The only thing I remember from age 6 is how much time I spent drawing things and wanting to have a dog. The other part sun&clouds represents the actual "happy" accident, which is the migraine. It was always there but reminded itself on some occasions.  Another challenging concept for me. I literally forced myself to draw like a child :)



The stylesheet :


Working Towards My Creative Identity - image 3 - student project

This is my own style sheet! I compiled some design choices and concepts I usually take. This class really helped to overview my creative identity. Hopefully, it would help to get back to drawing illustrations. 


Thanks for viewing!