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Robert Newport

Doctor Robert's Fine Art Studio, Los Angeles



Working Title:Re-Animation Rag (RR)

Creative Writing Project

Character Sketch;

Stan Ransome; 46 plus 150-year-old unmarried white male two months into his second life cycle. He is the first successfully reanimated human being in the history of human kind. When our story begins he is living with seven other of his kind in a safe home in Scottsdale Arizona.

Stan, by virtue of being the oldest, that is, one week older than his oldest colleague, six weeks older than the newest, is the de-facto leader of the re-animates. It is a position he holds relatively well. Relatively, as at this point in time, he is quite unsure of himself. Actually he is very unsure of himself as he hardly knows who he is. His sudden death in an auto accident was in part due to his flaw of shyness and cowardice (flaw not flaws as they are related as we will discover as we get further into his backstory). His was driving distractedly thinking of the attractive intern on his team of nano-engineers at GenX where he was senior engineer. Other than that he is level headed, very smart  (in an engineer’s way, which is to say socially dumb) articulate (except in emotional matters) handsome in his brand new body (grown in a tank on a plan furnished by his own DNA and accelerated by stem cell technology which he had a role in developing.


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