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Working Title:Re-Animation Rag (RR)

Working Title .Re-animation Rag



We open on a beautiful sunlit morning in Phoenix Arizona sometime in the near future. The action takes place in a large Spanish Modern home on an oversized piece of property, though there are adjacent homes. There was a long driveway connecting an attached garage. The story opened with four men unloading food stuffs and trucking them into the garage. A nosey neighbor was spying on the activity. No one was talking. What will become clear is that the two men receiving the food were re-animated cryonicists and the food was going to feed their community, all  eight of whom resided in the home.

The practice of cryonics had gotten a very bad name after several re-animation events had gone quite wrong and produced some very frightening and abnormal people,  however,  most of the re-animated folks are relatively normal, at least to look at. Religious conservative folks however have launched a political campaign to both ban the process and to round up those who have been re-animated and isolate them from the larger community. Most people are unaware that the practice even exists and that new re-animates are emerging from their frozen state weekly.

The novel will address  the struggle of the re-animates to develop their potentials and exist  in a hostile world. I will explore varieties of human consciousness and cognate abilities by attributing them to individuals in the cryonics community who have real time relationships among themselves and the development of the science of cryonics, especially re-animation. My protagonist will be one of the re-animates. The antagonist will be the pastor of a local church. The nemesis will be the director of the re-animation facility. Supporting cast will be the remainder of the cryonics community, including those still in their first life-cycle. Extra’s will be  members of the community at large. At this point my Working Title is Re-animation Rag.


{Plot}:  Four Men, two in long white coats who were huffing and puffing in the act of carting heavy cardboard boxes off of a white delivery truck marked Standard Wholesale Foods. {Story}:  One of the men, stopped suddenly and looking over his shoulder said to his partner;  "I feel very strange, fearful even.  His partner, Bill Wilder, replied “I don’t know why, I feel great, I never was this strong in my past life.  Stan Ransome took a deep breath and said: “It’s not that, I am certainly feeling strong. It’s something else, like we are being watched or something….

A white-coated man on the other end of the carton,  interrupted; “Well you are being watched. There’s some creep spying at us through the bushes behind you. Say, what are you two up to with all of this food anyhow?


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