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Robert Newport

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Working Title:Re-Animation Rag (RR) Writing Act 3



(As religious fanatics from around the world attack both the re-animates and the Alcor staff and facilities, Stan works to protect the re-animated residents in the Cave Junction house, while Dr. Reeve’s work to protect Alcor and its facilities. They are often in conflict over the allocation of resources)

Scene: Stan is working hard at his cognitive training exercises; he has actually worked up a sweat. Dr. Vila nil (Flora) is working hard along with him, creating ever newer and more difficult strategies to prompt the formation of dendritic networks which can fully support his own efforts to expand his reach.

Sequel: after a particular grueling sequence of tests, Stan looks up and catches Flora’s eye. They ‘see’ each other. Time stands still, and they cement a relationship; Friends, Colleagues and now, Soul Mates.

Scene: Stan clashes with Dr. Reeves. He wasn’t tuned in enough to see Dr. Reeve’s hidden agenda.

Sequel: Stan considers his own role in the clash, and see’s that he was maintaining a massive connection with Flora, while missing the reactions of staff and re-anim’s. It came up to bite him. He must consider how to repair the relationship with Dr. Reeves and quickly.

Scene: The lab is under attack.

                Scene: Stan and Flora battle the fundamentalists, side by side.

                Sequel: Stan and Flora re-cover from battle fatigue in each others arms.

Sequel: after the battle, victoriously concluded for now, time for reflection and repair with Dr. Reeves.

Scene: Pastor Jack, in a last desperate attempt to rally the fundamentalist forces, foaming, declares total nuclear destruction of mankind.

Sequel: Pastor Jack, hallucinating in a mirror, projects total world destruction, in horror.

Climax (Stan and Pastor Jack meet face to face each on the brink of destruction, Pastor Jack with his finger on the nuclear button, Stan with his on the valve governing the release of brain changing nanobots into the atmosphere. Stan with his highly evolved intelligence and empathetic abilities is able to understand and undercut Pastor Jack’s unconscious lack of faith, converting him into a god-loving and rational humanist.)


Scene: Stan breaks into Pastor Jack’s hidden bunker, located under a church. The Sanctuary. And confronts Pastor Jack. Who himself is in a rage, with most of it directed inwardly to himself. He is holding the nuclear “red button”

Sequel: Stan wonders if he has the right to use N100 on the scourge of mankind. His compassion grabs Pastor Jacks attention, and so focused his attention inwardly, feeling ever more deeply the brilliant energy of compassion which Stan had so skillfully sent.

Scene: I looked him in the eye and I saw myself, as I was before I re-animated. I knew he could feel my compassion.

Sequel: Pastor Jack sagged, his rage draining out of the hole in his heart. He welcomed Stan in.


(In which those of the re-animation community who wish to migrate to the L5 and other Extra planetary Human Habits, so along with those of the religious community who wish to further explore what they call “The Creation”) leaving those who do not wish, to re-build a more rational human society that is not at odds with those of religious persuasions.)

Scene: Stan and Flora decide together to stay on earth and bring peace to the world.


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