Working Title:Re-Animation Rag (RR) Write a Scene.

Working Title:Re-Animation Rag  (RR) Write a Scene. - student project

Okay, here is an additional series of Scenes/Sequels written in First Person Present Tense POV I am still finding this hard and find my self slipping into Past Tense easily. However, I do like the immediacy of it: If I ultimately choose this voicing for the entire thing, I will make each chapter/book/volume/section in the voice of the main character who will either be a protagonist in his/her own story or the antagonist when I want to focus on him. I am reading a "Gothic Novel" by Sarah M Cradit who uses this technique well (though she is putting it in Past Tense).


I am an idiot! How can I be such a damn coward. I can see she has feelings for me. So what I am twice her age and it was that attraction to Elsa that killed me for Christ sake.

She does have a lovely body as well as a really smart mind. Well hell, I have an attractive body too, now. She’s probably as attracted to me physically as I am her. That’s one thing I haven’t factored in yet, my eighteen year old body. No woman was ever turned on to my body. I am okay now. I have to remember that. There's a lot more to me now than there ever was.


“Stan, you’re wanted on the phone. Pick it up on the extension in the bedroom. It’s Dr. Vila nil.”


That’s Ron. I guess he knows at some level that we have some chemistry.


Right off the bat she says “Okay Stan, I guess you know why we can’t get into this.”

“No, Flora I don’t even know what ‘this’ is.”

“Bullshit! you do too. I saw you looking at me with that ‘oh-so-hungry look’ and I felt it too. But what is important for you to know, is that I feel the same way. It surprised the hell out of me, but damn it, I’ve fallen for you.”

“You’re right, I do know it. I am just too much of a coward to call it.” She stops cold....the silence over the phone is deadening...then;

“I don’t want to hear you say that. You are not a coward. Up front you are one of the bravest men I know. The way you stood up to the protestors and the way you took charge despite your immaturity. Amazing and you have won my heart. And we have to stop it now.”

“Stop it? We haven’t started it yet.”

“Yes and we are not going to. Not until we finish the testing and you have grown into the full man you are going to become. And besides, you may not even feel the same way once this process is over.”

“Hold, Flora, just what do you mean here. What process are you talking about. I am who I am, I’ m not going to be something other.”

“Sorry to tell you Stan, but yes you are. Can’t you tell yet from the testing so far?”

“Tell what? So far what have you been doing other than documenting how my brain structuring worked. What my strengths and weakness are.

“What we are doing with this process of documentation is initiating the dormant circuitry that the nano-bots created in addition to what you brought to the table. And so far it has been going great. “

“So what is going to happen once all of this dormancy has been initiated?”

Her voice brightens as she tells me and my mouth falls open in disbelief.

“You are telling me that when the circumstances call for it I will automatically have,  what sounds to me now like superpowers, which are  appropriate to the task? Is that what is going to happen to me”

“No Stan, that is not what is going to happen. It is what has happened and what yet has to happen is that your brain has to physically mature to be able to use these, and I hesitate to call them, superpowers, appropriately. At this stage you have an adolescent brain, and a lot of pruning has to happen before you have a mature brain.”

“I am not an adolescent! I....”

“I didn’t say you were an adolescent, I said you have an adolescent brain, and a very highly evolved one at that. But the reason you are here, rather out in the world, is to allow time for that maturation to happen.”

“That must apply to all of us then, Ron, Bill and Sally, and that must be why they all seem so immature to me.”

Flora confirms my impressions and adds, “They are somewhat behind you, having come out of the Dewars after you. The process should end for you in about three more months, and proportionately later for them.”

“I guess I can hold my feelings in check for three more months” I say and I swear I can feel her blush over the phone as she replied, “and so can I, and you know I don’t want to.”

Robert Newport

Doctor Robert's Fine Art Studio, Los Angeles