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Robert Newport

Doctor Robert's Fine Art Studio, Los Angeles



Working Title:Re-Animation Rag (RR)

Working Title RR. 04.09.2016

  1. Passion: Why do I Want to Write This Story?
  2. Theme: What Message should readers take a way from it? (in a word or two)
  3. Character Flaw: (in three words)
  4. Premise: (in one sentence) “What if….a flawed protagonist encounters a problem and has to solve a problem and in order  to do so must overcome the flaw.

1 .Passion: I am passionate about the fantastical possibility of re-animating after being cryogenically preserved at the time of death. A passion shared by approximately 1000 persons currently signed up to be so pre-served.

2. Theme:  affective and cognitive balance must be obtained to achieve maturity and deal with hostile situations.

3. Flaw: unable to be objective about his own functioning therefore could not identify the influence of fear on his behavior.

4. Premise: What if a frightened re-animated person had to relate to a group of hostile neighbors, and had to get over his own fear in order to do so in a non-violent way?


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