Working Title: Rite of Passage

Working Title: Rite of Passage - student project


Karros and Braygan are both born into the most violent culture on Alleria, that of the orcs. Karros is ostracized and feared by his contemporaries due to his vibrant crimson skin, which among orcs is utterly unheard of. Braygan however thrives in this ‘might makes right’ civilization, so much that he is raised as a ward to the greatest Granden (General) in the orcish army. Now the time has come for these two adolescents to become orcs by undertaking the Rite of Passage. Sent underground with fellow adolescents they have only one objective: survive. Those that succeed are welcomed into orcish society with open arms, regardless of any flaws they had before. Those that fail are simply erased from the histories…


Karros and Braygan must fight against starvation, darkness, vicious creatures, crazed orcs and even another orcish faction, in order to survive the Rite of Passage and become true orcs.


Karros has no sense of self-worth, except by that which he is given by those around him (which is next to nothing) and must see his own value lies not in his shade of skin. Braygan must learn that being told you’re the best at one thing, doesn’t make you the best at all things, and that in order to survive, as both an individual and part of a community, one must learn to recognize strengths in others.


Karros and Braygan are both adolescent orcs, ready to take on the fabled ‘Rite of Passage’ and become true orcs. Ostracized for his unique crimson skin, Karros believes that by surviving the deadly perils of the Rite of Passage, he will finally be accepted by his peers. Braygan believes he is the best and is determined to prove it. Determined to be the youngest survivor of the Rite, Braygan will destroy everything and anything that stands in his way… even those he might consider allies.

Russell Hawkins
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