Working Title: Mutual

Working Title: Mutual - student project

The pod idea I've been mulling over pulls from the number of great conversations I've had with people I've been introduced to by mutual friends—specifically artists, designers, photographers and musicians. Sharing some sort of common language and appreciation/fascination with creative work has allowed us to dig very deep into those topics very quickly. I wonder what that might look like as a series of two-sided interviews?

I'm still exploring the viability of this idea, so marketing felt a little far. That said, it's been good to think about it from an audience perspective.

My plan has always been to keep any initial podcast project very small. Start with one season, 5-10 episodes, and no active plan to grow beyond 25-50 listeners. Even with that in place, this is helpful for thinking about how to make the best possible tiny pod for the best possible tiny audience.

Marketing Plan: