Working Title: Guardians


The protagonist blames herself for the attacks carried out by her love interest.

  • A farewell message from her love interest confirms he used the protagonist.
  • That final message includes his escape plan and asks her to defect
  • The protagonist is practically crippled by her inflamed lack of self-worth, doing nothing.


Rattled by the betrayal, the protagonist repeatedly fails to stop the antagonist’s plans, ultimately resulting in thousands of innocent lives lost.

  • Immediately following the bombings, the protagonist’s squad joins in rescue efforts.
  • The protagonist finally decides to tell her leader about the antagonist’s escape plan.
  • The protagonist squad pursues, but is too late.
  • The protagonist is arrested on suspicion of treason following the attack.
  • While in custody, the protagonist essentially raises no defense against the charges.
  • The investigation ultimately concludes that the protagonist was an unwitting pawn and she is released, but reprimanded.
  • The protagonist squad has been kept off the field while the protagonist was investigated and must now retrain to recover operational status.
  • In training exercises, the protagonist repeatedly hesitates under the guise of being cautious.
  • Poorly rated, but recertified, the protagonist squad joins the hunt for the antagonist and his allies.
  • A raid on a hideout nearly goes badly when the protagonist takes too long to perform her task.
  • During post-op victory drinks, another Guardian from a team that lost members in the Ring attack accuses the protagonist of being a traitor to start a fight.
  • In the ensuing brawl, the protagonist lets herself take a beating until a senior leader breaks up the fight.
  • After the fight, the senior leader tells the protagonist that her and her team would be suspended if the situation wasn’t so dire that they were too needed.
  • Rather than have her injuries treated, the protagonist returns home to sleep off her intoxication before their next mission.
  • On the next deployment, the protagonist doubts herself and spares a potential target that ends up firing on her squad.
  • Information the protagonist squad recovers reveals a plot to attack a nearby barracks that only they can stop in time so they redirect.
  • The protagonist squad arrives just as the attack begins and they defeat most of the attackers before they can do much harm.
  • The last two holdouts take an instructor hostage. The protagonist is positioned to shoot the hostage taker, but again doubts herself and defers to her squad.
  • In the ensuing firefight, the hostage and the attackers are killed because the protagonist didn’t believe she was skilled enough to take the shot.
  • There is no victory celebration after this mission and the protagonist goes to the target range and sets up a simulation of the shot from the mission which she makes every time.
  • The squad’s weapons expert finds the protagonist at the range and tries, but fails, to talk her out of her mental state.
  • The protagonist squad is assigned to assist another squad with high risk missions to track down the antagonist.
  • Their first mission together is a raid for information that goes smoothly, presenting the protagonist with a simple shot which she makes, but she gives herself no credit for because it was so easy.
  • In the post-op celebration, members of the other squad tell the protagonist they are pleased to be working with her again.
  • The information from the previous raid points the squads at another target and hints at a big attack.
  • A small firefight breaks out in this raid during which the protagonist misses several shots allowing enemies to escape.
  • The squads pursue the enemies in a running gunfight through lightly populated streets.
  • The protagonist squads end up ambushed by the antagonist at the end of the pursuit.
  • The protagonist makes a highly risky charge to disrupt the ambush that works, but nearly gets her killed.
  • The antagonist escapes, despite the squads’ efforts, but they do recover enough intel to plan another raid.
  • Between operations, the protagonist’s team leader shows his approval for her taking swift action but reminds her that the team needs her alive.
  • In the next raid, the squads find that their target was not just a hideout but a small mobile operations base. With the evidence they gather there, they determine the target and move to intercept the antagonist.
  • The antagonist is well prepared for the protagonist squads and a long battle ensues which tests the protagonist’s willpower.
  • The protagonist finds an opportunity for a kill shot on the antagonist, but misses and only wounds him just before he can escape.
  • The protagonist squads are able to determine the antagonist’s next target based on what they stole before escaping.
  • Between operations, one of the protagonist’s friends from the other squad tries to empathize with her and convince her she’s not to blame for the antagonist’s actions.
  • The protagonist squads wait in ambush for the antagonist to arrive and spring their trap on him.
  • The antagonists use more destructive means to overpower the protagonists and disrupt their plans, reaching their first goal.
  • Having sabotaged the tram systems, the protagonist squads must take on extra risk to prevent thousands of innocent people from being killed.
  • While trying to retake control of the trams, a trap set by the antagonist kills the protagonist’s friend and badly injures another.
  • With no tech experts left in the fight, the antagonist is able to take control of the tether defense grid and turn it on the city population.
  • The antagonist escapes yet again while the protagonist squads are forced to deal with rogue defense systems and massive evacuations.


The protagonist finally realizes that her value comes from her abilities and her willingness to use them to stop evil people like the antagonist or at least bring them to justice.

  • While the protagonist stabilizes him, her wounded squadmate points her at one last lead revealing the antagonist’s end goal.
  • Upon discovering this goal, the protagonist realizes that not only will it fall to her to stop the antagonist, but that her ability to do so is what makes her valuable not only to her team, but to the world at large.
  • With her value restored, the protagonist resolves to kill the antagonist and defeat his allies to ensure no more innocent people die.