Working Title: Guardians


A hostage rescue mission turns into an ambush that sparks international conflict and political intrigue.

  • Protagonist’s squad begins infiltration of their target building.
  • Instead of finding their spy to rescue, they find two badly beaten teenagers.
  • While trying to sneak out of the building, the squad is ambushed and a firefight ensues.
  • After successfully fighting back to their extraction zone, the squad returns to the safety of their base.
  • Upon their return, they find they have been accused of war crimes as a result of their mission.


The protagonist builds a new romantic relationship to offset the stress and chaos of growing political intrigue and new threats to the world’s balance of power.

  • The protagonist quietly holds herself responsible for the perceived failure that resulted in the accusations against her squad.
  • The protagonist punishes herself with excessive training while her squad is under investigation.
  • The protagonist begins a new romantic relationship just as the squad is cleared of any wrongdoing by the investigation.
  • Returning to duty, the squad finds that conditions have only gotten worse around the world in their absence and they begin a series of missions with greater and greater risk.
  • Between these missions, the protagonist continues to punish herself for even the slightest shortcoming in an effort to prove herself worthy.
  • These self-inflicted punishments contrast sharply with the nearly unconditional affection found in the protagonist’s new romance.
  • As conditions around the world continue to deteriorate despite the efforts of her squad, the protagonist begins to develop a dependency on her romantic partner’s affection to offset her self-destructive criticisms.


The protagonist discovers her new love interest has been using her to carry out terrorist attacks against the Guardians.

  • The protagonist is separated from her romance by increased security after an attack.
  • After bypassing security to meet with her romantic partner, an even bigger attack occurs.
  • In the aftermath, the protagonist discovers that her partner used her to bypass security and carry out the attack.
  • With her only source of self-worth, the affection from her romance, torn away and used against her, the protagonist’s mental state collapses.