Working Title: Guardians


As a member of an elite commando unit known as Guardians, Katya Rojarus and her squadmates combat the forces that would seek to destabilize a global peace that has persisted for two centuries. As these enemies and their support multiply, Katya meets a smooth talking mercenary and begins to question the morality of her role in the growing conflict. Seduced by the newfound freedom and the mercenary offering it to her, Katya realizes she must either betray her team or betray her lover if she doesn’t want to lose them both.


A new enemy with growing popular support and new technologies emerges to threaten the hegemony of the Guardians and the global peace they have protected for nearly two centuries.


Katya begins to question her morality, and that of her team, when confronted by a smooth talking mercenary that casts doubt on her motives, forcing her to confront her insecurities about her independence.


Katya and her squad confront a new and powerful enemy that threatens to undermine the ability of their organization to enforce the laws that have kept the world in a relative state of peace for the last two centuries. As the strength and popular support of this new foe become increasingly apparent, Katya finds herself doubting if she truly believes in her government’s ideology or is simply a pawn in a larger game.