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Working Title: Do You Want a Happy Ending? (Scene)

Goal: Jamie wants to find an outfit for a party

Conflict: Jamie is nervous about trying on more feminine clothes

Disaster: The shop worker comments about the clothing choice

Emotion: Embarrassment, invalidation, fear

Thought: They are just clothes and anyone is allowed to buy them

Decision: I am going to try on whatever I want

Action: Buying the feminine clothes


"Oh, oh, I found the perfect thing!" Jamie looked up at Fuzz who was holding up a purple top. It was sleeveless, with a fitted, sequined chest piece, and then loose, flowing material below that. "I think this would really suit you, especially with that skirt you like." 


Jamie glanced around nervously. "Well, maybe." 


"There's no 'maybe' about it." Aoife grabbed the top from Fuzz and held it up to Jamie's body. "It will definitely suit you. Besides, if you don't end up loving it then I am totally stealing it for myself." She grinned and opened her hand, wanting Jamie to take it from her. 


"I like it," Jamie said, taking the top and holding it up to themself again, "I want to wear it, but I'm nervous." 


"That's why you brought us along." Fuzz put a hand on Jamie's shoulder and handed them a bag. "You can do this. I know it's scary but we're not going to let you buy something that doesn't suit you, so get your boobs on and try this top." 


"Alright alright, fine. I'll try it, but no promises that I'll like it... And you're coming with me." Jamie gave a weak grin as Aoife linked their arm. 


"Good enough." She grinned and pointed towards the back of the show in her usual dramatic fashion. "To the changing rooms." The two of them laughed and started towards their destination while Fuzz peeled off to browse in menswear for himself. 


By the time the duo had made it from the doors to the changing rooms both of them had an armful of clothes to try on, ranging from jeans to skirts and cute t-shirts to colourful bras. They walked up to the assistant at the door and Aoife held out her selection. "Four items, thanks." The assistant nodded and handed her an item tag. "Go on in." Aoife disappeared inside and the woman turned to Jamie who held their own items out.


"Five for me." 


She looked Jamie up and down, and then glanced to the bras and skirt they were holding. "Right, uhh, ok." She handed Jamie an item tag and pointed inside. "If you'd like to use this one." The assistant pointed to the closest changing stall, still smiling despite the slight confusion also on her face. She watched Jamie step inside, and pulled the curtain for them. 


Jamie's cheeks flushed as they set the coat hangers on the hooks, and they sucked in a breath. What did the shop assistant think they were going to do? She hadn't told Aoife which stall to use, or watched her go inside. Jamie's heart thumped in their chest, what if she thought they were a pervert buying women's clothes? What if she thought they were just trying to peek at people changing? Was she standing outside the cubicle just in case? Was she watching for Jamie to do something terrible? Jamie's stomach felt like a knot. Maybe it was just too much to think that they could wear what they want, and present how they like? 


Jamie was knocked out of their thoughts by Aoife. "Hey, you ready?" Her voice was right outside the stall. "The white one was no good, but get out here. This skirt and butterfly combo is totally perfect."


There was excitement in her voice so Jamie told her that they wouldn't be long, and they quickly thew on one of the bras, with the prosthetic breasts from the bag they brought in. The purple top went over it and Jamie pulled the curtain open enough to poke their head out. "Wow," Aoife's outfit suited her perfectly, it fit well, it hung in the right places, her body matched the cut of the clothes. Jamie felt a pang of envy, most days they weren't bothered about the breasts and the hips and whatever else. But sometimes, on some days, they wished that the body matched up. They wished they could look that good in a skirt and a butterfly top. " You're right it looks great."


"And you." She replied, pulling the curtain open more to see the purple top. "Jamie you look totally hot. Definitely try it on with the skirt." Jamie smiled and nodded, pulling the curtain closed again as Aoife vanished back into her own stall to finish trying things. Jamie wasn't sure if maybe she was just being nice, they were sure the breasts weren't totally straight and a bra strap was probably showing, but as they turned to the mirror Jamie found themself taking a breath. 


It looked great. It looked right. It felt right. Yes maybe they didn't have a much narrower waist and broader hips, but with the new bra the top didn't bunch and hand weirdly at the front. For a long time Jamie had wanted to be able to wear dresses and skirts and tops like this, but the tops never sat right and Jamie was never confident enough to really try anything else. Finally, after everything, he deal Jamie made with themself was paying off. Confidence was returning thanks to that, and thanks to a few very amazing friends. Jamie excitedly grabbed the skirt to try it on. 


After both Jamie and Aoife had tried on all of their choices the headed out of the changing room. "How were hey?" Asked the assistant, who was not, in fact, loitering outside Jamie's cubical, but instead waiting by the door just as she had been when they arrived. Aofie handed back her items tag, along with the few things she didn't want. Jamie smiled at her and handed their own tag back. "Fantastic thank you, I'm keeping all of them." 


The pair met back up with Fuzz, who was standing nearby holding a pair of jeans. "Hey, how was it?" He looked back and forth to each of them, hoping for good news. Jamie just grinned, walked right up to him, and threw their arms around him tightly. Fuzz, barely even taken aback, immediately hugged Jamie back warming, giving a slight squeeze for comfort. He looked over at Aoife, just to make sure everything was ok. She nodded. 


"We had a moment of realisation didn't we Jamie?" 


Jamie nodded against Fuzz's shoulder and pulled back. "I'm buying these clothes, and I will wear them when I want, because I can." They took a breath and give Aoife a kiss on the temple as she wrapped an arm round their waist. "And if anyone doesn't like it then they're not worth my time or effort." 


"That's amazing." Fuzz said with a grin and started steering the trio towards the tills. "You'll look amazing at the party I'm sure of it... So... Where to next?" 



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