Working Title: Do You Want a Happy Ending? (Dialogue)

Working Title: Do You Want a Happy Ending? (Dialogue) - student project

"Got a surprise for you." Fuzz waggled his finger, gesturing for Jamie to come over to him. 


"Really? Why, it's your birthday?" Jamie asked, giving Fuzz a playfully suspicious look. 


"'s important. Besides, wanted to see your response." 


Jamie gave a shrug and walked over, sitting down in a chair beside him, and putting their drink down on the table. "Ok, go for it." 


Fuzz stuck his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small, black, velet pouch, holing it out to Jamie. They took it, feeling it over. "Hmmm, it's light, and hard, there's two of them," they said, mostly to themself, as they tried to guess what was inside. They reached inside. "It's metal, smooth, with a lump... Oh, I know, it's a pin badge." Jamie looked up at Fuzz for a confirmation of their guess, Fuzz only grinned, and Jamie looked back to the pouch, pulling the first object out. It was indeed a metal pin badge, it was heart shaped with silver edging and clasp. On the front it had horizontal stripes; pink, white, purple, back, blue. 


Fuzz was watching Jamie's reaction carefully. Jamie looked a little confused as they turned the pin over in their hands, not unhappy, but unsure of what to think almost. Fuzz shifted in his seat. "Pride flag for-"


"I know." Jamie nodded, still turning the badge over in their hands. "It's the gender fluid flag." Fuzz nodded. After a moment of examining it on all sides Jamie put their hand back in and pulled out the second pin badge. This one was also silver, it was a circle with the words 'they / them' written clearly on the front in purple. Jamie turned this one over in their hands as well. 


"Alright?" Fuzz asked, his excited grin giving way to a look of concern. 


Jamie looked at both badges, face up for a second, then nodded. Fuzz moved closer and wrapped his arm round Jamie's shoulders. Jamie leaned against him, putting their head on his chest. The pair sat in silence for a minute. 


"Thank you." 


"Welcome. Hope they help." Fuzz kissed Jamie's cheek, smiled again, and then headed back to the party. 



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