Working Title: Do You Want a Happy Ending? (Character)

Working Title: Do You Want a Happy Ending? (Character) - student project

Jamie Kane is 23 and lives near the centre of Bristol in a flat shared with Chris. They are siblings and have almost always gotten along well together, even despite Jamie being almost 4 years younger. Jamie works in a local nightclub as a mixologist: someone who makes fancy cocktails by throwing the bottles around and free pouring the alcohol,. That's probably why clubbing isn't high on the list of fun things to do on a Friday night, once you've spent an hour scrubbing puke off a dance floor then glamour wears off. Jamie and Chris get along is almost every capacity, except for one, a big one. Chris thinks that gender comes in forms: male and female, how you're born is what you are and that is that. That's probably why Jamie has yet to work up the confidence to share their news with their sibling. 




Hannah Yumi is 24 and lives in Bristol, not too far from the university, with a few friends that he absolutely loves. They have lived together since the first year and are all helping Hannah make the absolute most of every second of freedom afforded to him by being 370 miles away from his parents. All the drinking, clubbing, raving, and partying that one human can manage is fully on the menu. Still studying hard though, Hannah is hoping to finish uni with a first in chemical physics and a cute partner. In fact he just went on a date with someone the other night, but the guy seemed far too close to his ex for a second date. Maybe tonight will go better, he's meeting a date at a coffee shop at the edge of town; someone called Jamie. 


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