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Working Smart is Better

My project is to Intentially Set My Priorities Everyday

One of my daily success affirmations is to Intentionally Choose How I Use My Time. Some days I do this but on many days I do not. I simply dive in to what rises to the table as the most urgent. With the big picture of my life, in particular my business, in mind, I want to tackle getting things done that help me move business forward and meet my goals. By intentionally setting daily priorities I want to shift this behavior so that I am focusing on the things that matter ... those things that will help me move my business forward and those things that are important to my families wellbeing.

My Trigger:

Holding my morning cup 'o joe OR
Sitting down at my desk (either at the office or at home)

My Reward:

Telling my success partner Cara that I did it. OR
Savoring a sip or two of coffee and making a big ahhh... sigh.

My Reminders:

Put a post-it on the coffee pot
Change my screen saver to my habit image


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