Working Memory

I've been a wavering reader for a while now, picking up books to only get two thirds of the way through before moving onto the next one and forgetting what I had just previously read. With this course I want to fix this poor completion rate, retention, and my ability to recall quotes, scenes, and motifs to create a better foundation on my beliefs. 

  1. Finish More Books - I've found a comfortable limit on where I begin to lose interest in books due to lack of attention, dedication, or time. With the ability to chunk images and process the information quicker, I'll finish 85% (because sometime they just aren't as good as you thought) of the books that I pick up. Beginning with Don Quixote as I'm currently 200 pages in and already have the maximum library fine for an overdue book.
  2. Retain Lessons and Information - Alongside the books that I'll finish, I'll retain more of the themes and lessons to be gleaned from them and daily personal interactions. I've a habit of enjoying lessons in the moment and quickly forgetting to exercise them in ongoing life. With the retention of knowledge I'll be able to embed more of my learned lessons into actions. 
  3. Quickly Recalling Specifics - I've always been impressed with those who can recall quotes, movie scenes, or general themes from seemingly far away places. With my improved retention of information, I'll be able to quickly recall specific markers during creative processes, debates, and other daily activities to be more honest and truthful in my actions and hold others to the same standard. 


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