This will be an application that performs the following:

  1. Allows the user to sign-up and log into a members area

Admin Role:

  1. Create a table to hold information
  2. Create a form to enter information into table
  3. Edit/Update Table Structure
  4. Edit/Update Table Information
  5. Delete Table
  6. Delete Table Rows
  7. Delete Table Fields
  8. Assign rows to a user
  9. View "closed" rows for approval
  10. Approve closed rows
  11. "Closed" notifications sent

All Users

  1. Enter information using form
  2. View information within table
  3. View specific information assigned to the user
  4. Ability to have emails to them sent when row, specific value shared by multiple rows, or just the table in general are updated.
  5. Ability to set the status of a row enty to "Close" which will notify admin for approval

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