Work that makes you come alive

Work that makes you come alive - student project

This is my first attempt at lettering (except for the doodles I've been drawing in my notebooks since I was little!) 

This phrase is near to my heart because I left my career in the advertising agency world to work for my boyfriend's startup company. When I started doing work that made me excited to wake up every morning, it felt like I had woken up, like I had come alive. I want other people to experience that same feeling!

But on to my sketching...

First I started by experimenting with some word/shape layouts. (You can see my mind was already trying to wander to the embellishments and such.) I knew from the beginning that I wanted the piece to feel like it had movement (playing off the whole "coming alive" thing.)

Work that makes you come alive - image 1 - student project

From there I just started sketching, reworking the letters and adding some weight to my downstrokes. I've never worked with a grid before so I definitely have to get used to using it to my advantage. I changed up the middle phrase so that it still had the same flow of the other words but just wasn't as prominent. I also kept playing around with the embellishments. 

Work that makes you come alive - image 2 - student project

After that, I moved over to tracing paper and ink, and moved the middle phrase over so it would settle a bit into that space created by the "come." The rest of the embellishments started as a way to balance out the alignment, but then I decided to fill the piece so the whole thing felt energetic. Some of the spacing still bothers me, but I'm pretty happy with it for my first go at it. Can't wait to learn how to digitize it! Any feedback for a beginner would be much appreciated!

Work that makes you come alive - image 3 - student project