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Work space by design

Describing my work space was the first assignment I was required to do for the design course in which I am enrolled. This is the description I wrote for the assignment:

The space I have set aside for working on interior design and decoration projects is well lit with both natural light from a large window and ceiling and desk lights. The furniture has been placed against the walls to allow for a space in the middle for exercise breaks. One wall is a built in cupboard where materials and supplies are kept, on the short wall near the door there is a bookcase that includes a filing cabinet. There is a sewing cabinet next to the desk and this cabinet can be opened to serve as a bench space. There is a small mobile cabinet in the room that holds pens, pencils, and paint. There is a laptop computer and a large screen display on the desk and that same desk can be used to accommodate a drawing board.

So far so good. I have not needed to make any major changes, only minor adjustments like purchasing a smaller drawing board and tidying the book shelf. 

My biggest distraction is social media, more precisely Facebook. It helps me stay connected to friends that I only see from time to time and some artists and designers I like to follow. It is not a necessity for my course or anything I do in the way of family, work, or recreation. It has become very much a distraction to the point of being stressful. 

Today I drew up this plan on my iPad in the Notepad app that I hope will keep me on track. I am keeping it well in mind and attempting to limit my time on social media to 25 minutes a day. I also contacted one of my friends in person and had lunch with her and caught up on news that way. 

This week's plan:



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