Work on washes

Work on washes - student project

Work on washes - image 1 - student project

Study 1: Mountain Range

Working with 5 layers of washes. This is defiantly a study I should revisit in future. I've been struggling with wet on wet technique and this class pushed me. I think a larger gradation of color would have helped this piece in particular. 


Work on washes - image 2 - student project

Study 2: Sailboats

Really like the effect of the dry brush at the bottom. Should I revisit this study I'll have to work faster. My sky didn't achieve the smoothness I was looking for in blending lighter tones with darker. I found my paper dried much quicker than the instructor and it left me improvising by adding additional moisture in order to blend out colors - this caused some blooming that I wasn't intending to happen. Though, it does mimic a cloudy effect so I'm not entirely upset with the accident. 


Work on washes - image 3 - student project

Study 3: Misty Forest

I found that when going for the mister bottle I should have tested it out on another piece of paper. I lost almost all definition in my background layers. I wasn't wanting to keep them crisp by any means but they did loose a lot more detail than what I wanted. I got better at using the mister as I went along at least. Will have to continue my practice with that as a tool. I also got a blob of water on one of my trees in my final layer at the last moment - I attempted to remedy it quickly but the damage was already done. Awe-well. there's always another piece of paper to paint on.