Work it - free it (Day 1)

Today I noticed that working out in the morning is the ideal time for me. I lose appetite, focus, and absorb the light like a little plant from the living room with massive windows where I hold my workout. I'm lucky to live in the age of technology, because while my brother is on Zoom and studying, I can plug in my earphones and work for that body of an athlete, as Bill Bowerman once said. 


I also noticed that I am no longer distracted by music or anything at all really, I only hear my breath and feel my muscles. I used to get extremely bored when running and I listened to podcasts when working out. Now that we are in this domestic period of quarantine, there is enough time to breathe, to look up, to think and more importantly - not to think. I am extremely glad that now I have begun focusing on feeling and experiencing rather than constantly shoving excessive information into my brain. Pushing that one organ to its limits, while the sensory organs were left out. 


I stopped thinking for those 40 minutes of exercise. And when thoughts leave you, it almost becomes a meditation. Each time I do something therapeutic (painting, meditating, baking), I wake up at the finish line to a new day. It is as if I start fresh when the process is over. I guess that is why people say that jogs help when you feel down or can't figure something out in your head. Last week I was sick, so couldn't workout at the same frequency. And the days with no thoughtless movement in them lasted longer, they dragged on and reached no resolution. And I am glad that I found a way to build my body and deconstruct my mind in this wonderful process of moving.Work it - free it (Day 1) - image 1 - student project