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Laurel Hamilton

Graphic/Web Designer



Work is Love Made Visible

I am so excited about this class!  I had literally searched Skillshare the day before this launched for chalkboard lettering and found zilch so talk about perfect timing!  Once I found my quote, I made 3 quick sketches and ended up liking the third one the best.  I redrew that one a little larger with a bit more detail although I'm still debating between the 2 on the right side.  I'll make a decision in the next two days for sure!  Off to paint a chalkboard!


For the second part of the project, I combined elements of the two sketches on the right.  There's still a lot of cleanup work to do, but I'm waiting to see what flourishes and shading I add first so I can clean it all up at once.  I also dropped the author of the quote since it's in the public domain and I'm working with a smaller chalkboard (approx. 16"x20").


For the final part of this project, I may have gone a bit overboard on the flourishes and hearts (okay, I'll own looks a bit like Valentine's Day threw up on my chalkboard) however I really wanted to use this as a test piece to become more comfortable with working with the chalk and adding in decorative elements where needed.  I still have a long way to go but I definitely enjoyed this and look forward to improving my chalkboard art in the future!



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