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Not sure if I'll be able to complete this all the way to a repeating pattern. But here's what I've got so far.... Such a challenging class and I really enjoy the great history education!

Updating... I did manage to create a pattern (after several tries) and it's still got lots of little "cleaning up" issues (some of them I just couldn't figure out) and I can already see things to change, but I'm just thrilled that I got this far! (I'm 64 and started learning Illustrator April 2017). Absolutely open to firm/helpful criticism. 

Another update: I took a go at the Half-drop and there are holes and things to fix, but at least I got the idea accomplished.a99b98d6668f7c69padf7d0f9a473c72e2f268e8a3b68af690f850136db48bee0


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