Work in Progress

Work in Progress - student project


How do you bring emotion and thoughts across without actually writing them down, especially sound?

First I wanted to be different by doing something like silence due to isolation or the news or something like that but if I’m being real with myself, I’m just listening to Dvořáks 8th Symphony 3rd movement on repeat. It’s my all time favorite and it’s sound is so diverse since it is inspired by New York, African and Native American sounds. A roller coaster of emotion.

My sketch might look messy but the emotions are all in there, up and down, fast and slow, layers and sprinkles, smooth and deep etc. etc.

This wasn’t easy but worth every minute.

Work in Progress - image 1 - student project


”Make Time” by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky recently taught me a whole lot about being busy and what we actually are instead; wasting time.

This book gave me a bunch of explanations and practical rules that I can apply to my day and successfully use. It’s about the little things and not stressing too much about things that are long term goals. Instead work on the little things that end up pilling up and stressing us out even more.

If it takes you two minutes or less, just do it now!

Work in Progress - image 2 - student project