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How can I be sure of my drive?

As a almost graduated (I'll graduate next year) 23 yo grafhic and product designer, I find extremely hard defining myself and the professional field I want to work in the future. I have a world of possibilities inside my head, various fields that I would like to work and loads of insecurities.

This class happened to be the beggining of a much more clear journey of finding myself professionaly, discovering my drive and making it happen. My life as a eternal WIP that I'm constantly pushing myself to be the best that I can. So, thanks :)

Finding my Drive

I've struggled with this, and so far I can't tell with what I came up with is really my drive. How can I be sure?

I've started asking myself the "What excites me right now" and "Why" questions. The answer was that fashion really excites me right now. It has always been a part of my life : my mom, her sweing machine and her passion for fabrics.It got intesified at design school, but as I have a broad design course at uni, I have never really focused in fashion. I think that the idea of having a plain fabric and turn it into a garment, makes me excited, the potential of the materials and the hole creative process since the primary idea to the execution.

So thinking about that in a big picture, my drive is Make things and see them existing.

I don't know if i got influenced by Tanner and his drive - cause its kind of similar, or if this is really me. Also I think that this is kind of too simple and superficial.


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