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Work in Haiti

I will be making my third trip this year to Haiti, May 13th through 18th.  I would appreciate your prayer covering for physical health and strength, political stability, and against all kinds of demonic spirits associated with the island and its nation.

One of my greatest privileges in the last few years has been to visit two very new movements there and advise one of them.  I have been traveling with Richard Williams, as part of Cityteam's support of these two different groups.  The group Richard is working with has started more than 100 new simple churches in less than three years.  They had been working with 42 church planters, but just trained 100 new ones in January.  Richard has been working with a grant that will cover all of his expenses into 2017.  In addition to leadership training and advice, Cityteam has been providing support of training events, Bibles, and transportation needs which have included a 4x4 SUV and three new motorcycles to enable church planters and trainers reach more of the area particularly in places that even four-wheel drive vehicles cannot reach.

The group that I have just started working with has been going for more than four years and has planted more than 400 churches with more than 5,000 new baptized believers.  They are transitioning to a DMM model and I am there to help with this transition.  They have been focused on planting simple-churches and then applying some of the DMM concepts.  This Simple-Church group is organized into three districts and is spread out over most of Haiti whereas the group Richard is working with is located entirely on the peninsula that lies west of Port au Prince, the capital.  The Simple-Church group (SC) currently has two used motor cycles.  The head of the SC group is Gabriel Lindor who is 28 years old with a passion to reach his entire country and all the Caribbean Islands making disciples of Jesus..  One of my jobs as we assist this group, is to raise money for Bibles, at least one motor-cycle and a 4x4 vehicle to transport the Bibles, equipment, and people around the island.

The financial needs break out as follows:

200 Creole Bibles -   $ 1,400 (monthly)

1 motor-cycle       -         1,100  

1 four-by-four vehicle - 40,000

I would like to be able to provide for the Bibles and motor-cycle on this trip on May 13th.  To date I have raised $640.  If you would like to contribute, the quickest way is to do so on-line at How You Can Help in Your Community.  Just above the point you enter the credit card information there is a box just beneath the text "COMMENTS: If you'd like to support a specific program or missionary, let us know here."  At this point enter "Haiti special project code: 1524." By entering my name as the missionary you want to support, they will know that this money is to be used for the Simple-Church group.  You can also send checks to Cityteam,2304 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA 95131 indicate Haiti, special project code 1524 in the comment section or with a note.

One of the benefits that we receive in return for our investment in Haiti is greater knowledge about the critical components necessary to start Disciple Making Movements in our own country.  I have already learned a few things that I hope to be able to incorporate in what we are doing in the United States.  If you would like to join us on one of these trips to Haiti, let me know.  It is exciting as well as educational to see actual movements taking place.  I would like a few more of us to be able to experience and learn from what is happening in Haiti.


How You Can Help in Your Community

The special project code we use for Haiti is 1524



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