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Courtney Blair

Designer // Illustrator



Work Smarter, Not Harder

My husband is full of one liners and personal philosophies. Only recently I started writing down his husband-isms. He's currently a sous chef and leads a team, he is a teacher, but also an individual who knows he has so much to learn. Recently he was telling a about one day at work where he was busting his ass trying to get his crew through the lunch rush, but then he stopped and took a step back, and told himself, "Wait, what am I doing, I need to work smarter, not harder." From that moment forward his day was lightened. 

This phrase stood out to me, it can be applied in so many proffesions. If you really think about it, hard work doesn't always produce good results. I remember when I was in design school, one classmate was complaining to our teacher about a grade he had given her, she stated how many hours she had spent working on the assignment. He response was so simple "It's not about how much time you spent working on something, it's about your initial concept and your execution". 

When gathering images I focused on power, brain, elephants

Why elephants? The elephant is commonly known as one of the smartest within the animal kingdom. Also, the elephant symbolizes strength.


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