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Work In Progress

What is your Habit Personality Type?

Though my quiz puts me all over the place, I believe I am most often a Questioner. I am rarely successful at doing things just for the sake of doing them, and fairly consitenty question whether I am taking the best course of action given the request.

However, when I am in a situationing where questioning is not appropriate - usually at work - I tend to be more of an Obliger, and take on more than I can really handle.  This leads me to shirk my own responsibilities, miss deadlines, and sometimes just feel burnt out.

Why did you sign up for this class?

I began last year with the goal of learning a new skill each month. I made it through the first 4 months of the year and loved everything I was doing, then abruptly stopped when my daily schedule changed. I have started the same project this year, and am taking this course for my first month. I am hoping that this year I will be better equipt to continue my habit even if my routine changes a little.

What has been your most consistent good habit in the past?

My sleep schedule. I spent years not sleeping and feeling awful because of it.  I have finally been able to consistently keep a relatively stable sleep schedule and get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. My routine could use some refining, I don't have a "ritual" to getting to bed, but I have gotten to the point that I am tired, and go to sleep, at roughly the same time every night.


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