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Work In Progress

This is my shape text combo. Its not great but I learned so much, possibly too much in the short amount of time!

I think the instructor was soooo goooood, she made it seem easy! But as I was working on my shape to text, I realized just how much there is to remember like when to use the Free Transform and I couldn't remmeber how to get back to the fx function and thank god I can undo and step back or it would have been rough! hahahhaha

I didn't like it so I started messing with it some more, I learned alot and the more I play around with the functions she taught us the better I will get at it, so while playing around i did a few things to the heart shape that I really liked. It kicked it up a notch. I still don't like it as much as the teachers shape text but I liked it better than the original one posted above. Since I had no real idea of what to make, I am not really sure what I wanted it to look like so its just gonna be my playground for a bit.

Above is the image adjustment project I did. I chnaged the sue/saturation. Did a duplicate. and did text with the opaque feature.


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