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Work Hard

Hi everyone,

I'm a huge fan of flat design, illustrations and pictograms. I'm also a total beginner in design and I'm taking some Skillshare classes to learn the basics and work from there. 

I had to choose from those three images that I wanted to replicate for my project:

Finally, I picked the "Work Hard" one because of the texture and the color palette. I will detail my adventure on this workspace.


Hello again! So I worked on the project today after listening to Brad's excellent class (as well as the shortcuts he gives) and I really feel like I progressed a ton. I had no idea how to use Illustrator before this morning and I can't believe I managed to do this. Also want to thank Google itself for answering all my questions about workflow :D

So the first picture is basically all my linework:

The next picture is just my line work over the actual image, with 30% opacity. This allowed me to trace my stuff. I also made a copy of all the colors that were in the piece on the side, avoiding constant toggling the image oppacity to check if my colors were right.

And here is my final composition. Now my next step is the effects and text and polish the whole thing. Still alot of work to do.


So here we are, the last part of the project: the textures and effects. I have to say I had a really hard time figuring it all out but I searched alot and I finally managed to do it.

What I added:

  • A very subtle and gritty texture in the background. Did this in Illustrator using Opacity Mask.
  • Typo and lettering was done in Illustrator as well.
  • Some dotted lines on the shoes
  • The wooden texture, I actually drew it in Illustrator using a rough brush. Couldn't find a way for the life of me to apply a texture that worked. 
  • I ended up doing the shading in Photoshop, using a gritty brush, to mimic the effect. If anyone knows how to do it in Illustrator, I would greatly appreciate the info. For now, I'll stick to Photoshop for this kinda stuff.

So here's my final version:

And the original version:

Thanks alot to Brad for this great class!


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