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Work Hard

I've been trying my hand at hand lettering for a few months now. Recently I've been dabbling in digitizing it and this class is going to be a huge stepping stone. Thanks, Sean!

I saw this quote from calligrapher Frederic Marns who recently passed away. It stuck me with me this past week.

Here are some initial sketches.

Ampersands are so common in design these days it's often hard to come up with something new, but I tried as you can see. Once I was happy with a potential balanced layout I went to work in pencil, then outlined it and filled it with Micron pens. 

I work on graph paper, so I had to do a few extra steps not lined out in the first tutorial in order to remove the grid lines. Here's the initial work in brought into PhotoShop.

I followed Sean's steps to experiment with colorizing and adding a textured background and here's the result. It's got a nice rough quality to it. I need to grab some more textures to add to my collection, however.


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