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Roxy Torres




Work Hard Play Harder

Phase II

I pumped up the levels on Photoshop on the pencil sketch and it was good enough to go bring into Illustrator. I decided to use more precise vectors given the nature of my script.

In the end, I used Tungsten Bold as my san serif. You can buy it at The weight of the stems and position of the crossbars were suprising close to the ones I'd drawn, so it worked out perfectly. I decided to use an already made typeface because I know how many poorly drawn fonts are out there and I didn't want that to be reflected in my piece. 

I'm still playing around with the color palette and I'd like to add some more textures as well. Till this point I'm extremely happy with how its coming along but I know I still have a lot more tweaking to do until I have a finished piece. 

I'd love some constructive criticism. Let me know what you think! :) 

Phase I

Hi everyone! So for this project I wanted to create a piece for my favorite motto. I struggled to come up with a concept but in the end I found one that I really liked and enjoyed drawing. 


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