Words and Sayings in the Key of Eflat or for the Hearing Impaired the Radio is on

Words and Sayings in the Key of Eflat or for the Hearing Impaired the Radio is on  - student project

Yes this is the title of my book. This is a collection of thoughts I have had over the last twenty plus years. The inspiration is; Life, Love, and a Romanticist soul.

 Literary Tools:

I never know, because each piece takes on a life of it's own. I mainly go with the music of it.

Small Noticings:

Being Bipolar, these can be quite overwhelming.

I would be interested in taking your Poetry ll class, so I can share these with the rest of the world.

I am also writing a fantasy novel, and Flash Fiction.

Look forward to your comments. 


Often I ask myself, “Why am I here, and what am I to do? ”Then from nowhere a voice comes back and says, “You are for three reasons; to learn, to teach, and to love.” Then I asked, “What am I to learn?” Again the voice came back and said, “To live on this plane, and in this reality, before you take the next step.” I paused for a moment and then asked, “Who am I to teach?” Back came, “Everyone you meet or touch.” Not sure of what to expect. I then asked, “Who am I to love?” This time the voice came back very full of affection and said, “Love thyself to thy fullest extent, and you’ll find happiness in whoever you meet. That is what life is about. For we learn from what we live, and we love from what we learn.” 


 We run down the road with so many paths, no time too chose no time to ask.

Fighting with ourselves when confidence lacks, these choices we make we wonder will they last.

So desperate for a guide to show us the way, yet we don’t always listen to what he may say.

And finally when we get a spark, and realize we should listen to our heart.

For this I say if these words confuse you.

It’s quite okay, just make peace if you chose to.

                                                                          DID YOU?

To see, to hear, to touch, to hold

To see in my heart, that I love myself enough, so that I may share that with someone else.

To hear the music of the moment, the laughter of children, and the words of loved ones long gone.

To touch the stars, the moon, and you, for your eyes are like stars, and your smile shines like the moon.

To hold life, and never let it go.

For a romanticist this is love, more spiritual than physical.

But who’s to say which ones is more or less.

I didn’t, did you?


                                                      Hello I said to no one around.

                                                    Hello I said just hoping out loud.

                     Here I am I’m glad to say to say at last, I would really like to hold another’s glass.

                                Someone to share my secrets with, someone to hold someone to kid.

                 That special person to share my highs and lows, and mainly just somebody to say hello.

                                                                         DON’T QUIT

  Slowly, so slowly; you reach, stretch, pushing it to the limit. That invisible line, that part that says, “I can’t go any farther!” Straining against all else. Knowing from the depths of your being, you can do better than you have before. The pain, that awful pain, you think about selling your soul if only to get rid of the pain. But it is the pain that reminds you that you are human, some would say flawed. Still you push, gaining a little more with each try.

  Then it happens, that impassible barrier finally crumbles. What had seemed hard is now easy. Where there was once no confidence it begins to grow. It builds as you push, like a seed trying to break to the surface. You grow getting stronger till you laugh at adversity and saying, “Is that the best you got!”

  With your goal in focus, the winners line within your grasp. You reach for it remembering that all you had to, do was not quit!