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Abigail Besdin

Content Lead, Skillshare



Words In the Wild

PROJECT - Generate 3-5 creative ideas in response to "gum". 

I have to admit, I'm kind of a gum addict. I thought I'd cheat and make the project something that's close to home but as soon as I got started I realized my plan backfired. It's *so* close to home it's surprsingly difficult to step away and think of gum as a creative prompt. But here goes! I'll continue adding ideas throughout the week. 

Idea #1

Gum as a visual/sensory history of my day. Not only do a I chew a lot of gum, but I vary flavors a bunch, too. I'm thinking there is a creative thread in here where I could present a "gum timeline" that would walk you through my day as seen through the lens of the gum I've consumed. I'd wonder if I could leverage different flavors and colors to correlate to moods or activities (ex. super strong mint for high energy?). Essentially, mapping a "day in the life of Abigail" with gum as my only medium for experessions. What do you guys think?!


EXERCISE - Share something creative. 

I'm not the most visual person in the world, but I love words and I love humor -- when those two things overlap in communication design it makes me feel my most creative. This is a photo I took that I felt captured just that. There's something about the irony of what this picture communicates that I find funny and aesthetically pleasing. 


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