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Word. Notebooks

As users and fans of notebooks, we wanted to create the ideal one to keep in our pocket at all times. A notebook that was both stylish and functional. Something aesthetically pleasing that could also handle all the lists we craft on a daily basis.

During a meeting earlier this year, we realized all of our notebooks happened to be filled with bullet points, strikethroughs and assorted combinations of numbers and letters we used in an effort to keep things orderly. They looked a mess. We wondered if we could standardize a system for all these lists and scribbles and pack it inside a good looking notebook? 

These are Word. Notebooks.

Each features a unique system for keeping all the things you jot down in order. Your to-do lists will be cleaner, your notes will be more organized and your notebook won’t look like a disaster. Every Word. Notebook is designed and made right in the USA.

Check out more about Word. - http://wordnotebooks.com


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