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Word Puzzles for Children's Magazines

In this class I will teach students how to make a mock-up of an original word puzzle that is suitable to send to a Children's magazine.   

Word puzzles are fun to create and a great way to break into magazines.   My video lessons will walk the student  through my process to create their own unique puzzle.  

This is what I'm think for the title - 

Create Word Puzzles: Breaking into Children’s Magazines

First Draft of Description:

Are you a freelance writer looking for a way to break into the Children's Magazine market? Maybe you've tried pitching full length articles or stories only to get the dreaded form rejection letter. Creating Word Puzzles might just be your key to unlock your first sale and begin building a positive work relationship with an editor.

My name is Cassie Brenn and I've always loved doing word puzzles. When I was a kid one of my favorite things was to do the puzzles in magazines like Highlights for Children. I still love the puzzles in HFC but the best thing about them now is seeing my name in the by - line. You can create puzzles like these too. I will show you how!

In this class, you will learn how to analyze the Children's magazine market, come up with ideas for an original puzzle, and create a puzzle mock-up to send to an editor. I will show you how to create a visual mock-up even if you are not an artist. For a few minutes of your time, you could create a puzzle and add a publishing credit to your resume.

What are you waiting for join Create Word Puzzles:Breaking into Children's Magazines today!


Create a one page puzzle mock-up ready to send to an editor as part of a submission letter.  Your puzzle mock-up will include a sketch of the puzzle, instructions on how to solve the puzzle and the answer key.  It can be hand drawn on a single 8.5 x 11" sheet of paper or created digitally.


Share your work in progress for feedback from me and your classmates.  Besides an image of your final mock-up, here are some suggested things to add to your project board as you progress through the class.

  • your market research
  • target magazine and audience selected
  • puzzle ideas
  • a draft of your puzzle instructions

Share your success when you make your first sale!  

Here is the link to my Outline:


Here is my introduction Video


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Hooray!  I finished my class and got it published!



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