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Kelsey Leib

Textile artist



Word Brainstorm

Learning how to color my vectorized sketches in Photoshop. I was originally collaging with many materials, but I found that difficult to vectorize. I used that as a brainstorm then used a sharpie to sketch out more defined motifs.

I'm drawn to the idea of the rain lines and sun lines intersecting to form a picnic/tablecloth pattern. 

Sketching/playing with Illustrator as I learn the basic tools. 

Beginning sketches. I like to work a lot with collage, so I had fun brainstorming with ribbon, yarn, marker, pen, and pastel. 

The more I think about images and words, I think about fresh, colorful food and how it relates to health and happiness. I found a photo of a plant enjoying a sprinkle of rain (or maybe a watering can) and it reminds me of a person playing in the rain. I want to emphasize that free, happy feeling. 

Mood board so far: 

Word Brainstorm: 


age, evolve, progress, movement over time

Time - timeline, social movements


thrive, lush, green, childhood, the outdoors

Thrive -

shine, flourish, bloom

Flourish - A hand gesture, movement, grand


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