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Woolf: Between the Lines

I've chosen To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. It's a complex book where not a lot happens (it's not Jane Eyre) but where we learn a lot about characters through their thoughts. While there are a number of symbols I could explore, I'm more interested in trying to convey the more abstract ideas.

Here are some of the words that came to mind when I reviewed the book.

And here are my sketches. I took Jessica's advice and sketched the morning after I had brainstormed. This did help to weed out the cheesy ideas that I was dreaming up while writing word associations.

One of the things that really struck me about the book was the use of square brackets in the middle part. Some of the most important plot points are inserted at the end of paragraphs in square brackets, as though as an afterthought. These brackets represent the fleeting nature of thought, and the technique of stream of consciousness.

Seeing as it's a very autobiographical book I decided to loosely base my letterform on Woolf's own signature:

Here's my digitised sketch.

And in vector form on the book cover.

I feel like I might need to play around with the drop shadow a bit more.


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