Woodsman | Skillshare Projects


So my project title is just a word, Woodsman.

I primarily do Sci Fi hard surface design, so i am going to go completely fantasy character here and see where it leads me! will follow the tutorial methods and try to stick within the spirit of this painty method to create something different than i usually would.

The main thing that came to mind was a dude with an Axe, not much more, so here are dudes with axes to get things kicked off.

(and by accident one of them is a bit creed III)

((Spelling edit just for you Gavyn!))

So the first phase of refinement, as per the video cleaning some of them up a bit:

Then the second phase, i kind of want to have some humour in these guys as i usually do very realistic stuff with tech and so forth, so we have a wizardy guy who has gone out to pick flowers with a huge axe (possibly as a result of what he is smoking) the leader of the lumberjacks entertainment league, and what seems to be a miscellaneous Scotsman with a big axe?


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