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Edie Hernandez

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Woodlands Family Tree

I joined this class as part of the "August Illustration Adventure: Draw Your Family Tree" session and I'm really excited about the possibilities!

The first task was to create and share a moodboard for my project.    I live in a log home so I thought that creating something with a rustic woodlands feel would be perfect.  Our family also enjoys camping and hiking so I thought that it would be fun to incorporate some outdoor adventure elements.  I still need to narrow things down a bit but I really love what I have so far:


I look forward to working on my initial character illustrations next week!

8/10/15 UPDATE - Initial Character Design

The initial character design for my family tree is complete.  Next week, I plan to add a number of additional details to personalize each character a little more.  To coordinate with my woodlands/wilderness theme, I would also like to add a few hiking-related details like backpacks, binoculars etc.  

Here is what I have so far!  I'm excited to work on each one some more!  


8/19/15:  UPDATE - Final Character Design and Initial Family Tree Layout

I finished adding details to my characters and began to layout my family tree.  For now, I decided to limit my project to only immediate family.  I may make a separate piece later that includes parents/grandparents... but I kind of like it the way it is.   The full tree might make a neat Christmas gift for my mom now that I think about it!

After I take the flower arrangements illustration class, I will probably end up completely redoing this layout  and probably the background color too.  I'm just not sure where I will want to go with it yet!


 8/26/15:  FINAL PROJECT

I completed the flower arranging class and updated my family tree to include a border of flowers and ivy.  I had A LOT of fun with this part but I probably went a little overboard :-)  Since I have so many colors in my project, I decided to use only use shades of green in the border.  I think that it allows a little more focus to be placed on the family members.  

I'm excited to print it out and put it in a frame!  Thank you for the classes.  I really enjoyed both of them!



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