Mélanie Kimmett

Designer + Illustrator



Woodland Tales



My illustration style is a bit detailed which has delayed some things, so I've decided to plug in some of my fairly rough digital sketches for some placement within the pattern space for now. I'll finalize over the next few days (hopefully). I'm also repurposing some work from previous illustration projects, again for placement. I'll marry up the styles over the next few days (again, hopefully).

I'm going to flourish up the trees as well, so it's not such a strong hit of the red colour. I want to illustrate a bear, an additional tree form. But I'm hoping I'm on the right track...

O and I'm also planning on filling the full pattern tile. 

Any suggestions? 


I haven't allowed myself to sketch to paper in years, and usually just go straight to Illustrator. This was an awesome exercise! Havent digitized these yet, but will get to that as soon as I'm able and catch up with the rest of the class.


I'm of Lithuanian descent and have always been fascinated with Eastern European/Scandinavian folklore design. I grew up seeing a lot of it when we visited my grandparents. Being drawn to it, I've embraced it in my own illustration style. Which is why it finds its way in MANY (if not all) of my mood boards. I love its intricate yet simplistic details.

Much like the folklore style, animals are my happy place as well. Namely woodland creatures. 

It was only natural I draw from this inspiration for this first repeat pattern.


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