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Nicole Rusk

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Woodland Spirit Guardian

Hello! Super stoked to be taking this class! There are already so many good projects and ideas floating around, it's hard to keep up :D


So it took me a while to pick my theme. I had gone through a set of ideas in my head (fantasy, historic, food-themed, etc.), but  I felt like I had already thought about those ideas so much in the past and wanted to try something new. That led me to some sort of non-human design, and I landed on a semi-fantastical forest spirit animal...thing. Inspired a bit by the spirits in Twilight Princess, they each hold some sort of mystical item, and have a lot of supernatural details, as well as elements from their surrounding (plants, trees, flowers, etc.) as a part of their anatomy/design. 

Magical forest critters!

I really like most of them right now, so it'll be hard to narrow them down later! Any feedback or input would be greatly helpful.

Refining the idea

So I picked a few...okay, most to start adding some details to. I'll have to sit on these for a while to see how I'll narrow it down further....it's even harder to choose after spending more time on my little babies!

Any tips or feedback regarding their anatomy would be particularly helpful at this point -- I think that's one of my weakest points at this part of the process.


I fiiiinally kicked my butt in to gear and got around to drawing up a few variations of Mr. Turtle! I think he was one of the favorites between feedback from this class and from other friends, plus I could picture his variations a little easier than some of the others which I'm more attached to already. 

Anyways, I came up with three different versions (the original is included in this image, making four). I was mostly playing around with the type of texture on the shell, and the type of tree he'd be holding (lots of bonsai tree image searches!). Let me know which is your favorite, and if you have any other feedback :D

Finishing details

I finally finished this little guy! I decided to take some good suggestions and kind of combine a couple of the variations, mainly the top left and bottom right, and I'm pretty happy with how he came out! It's not rendered in as much detail as it could be (anyone know a good resource/tutorial for how to paint moss?), but I'm satisfied with the amount of details there are -- it's definitely enough to get the idea across. I added some color as well, since that seemed like the next logical step. 

Thank you to everyone who supported my project and gave feedback! All of it was super useful and helped to guide my wandering ideas ha. And thanks to Charlie for putting this class together, it was a great experience and will be a great resource to look back to in the future! :D


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