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Woodland Retreat

I really admire the lovely woodland inspired prints that seem to be really popular these days. Living in Hawaii all my life, the woods and forest are foreign to me, almost fantasy like (I'm sure many could say the same about Hawaii's lush tropical atmosphere). I wanted to do my take on a woodland fantasy print. 

I wanted to include a mix of flora, fauna and marks (lines and shapes). I collected a few key elements in my moodboard. 


Next I spend a lot of time doodling and sketching out different elements. I started with pencil and inked over with smooth pens. 



After tracing a bunch of icons/elements, I decided I will most likely create a collection with several patterns from these sketches. Perhaps for Elizabeth's Pattern Design II class?

This is a floral print I created from a few of the items I sketched out. I really enjoyed this class because I learned a lot of tricks and techniques which was great. I've used Illustrator for over 10 years so I thought I knew all the ins and outs but it's great to discover something new! I had been relying on the built in pattern creator in Illustrator (CS6) but I like Elizabeth's technique. It was much easier to lay out the pattern and adjust elements while retaining the original design. 


Here is a closer view of the floral elements.


It may not have been apparent from the smaller version but I tried to include textures, lines and subtle elements in the flowers to add more detail and interest.

Here is an illustration I created using the flowers from the pattern with one of my woodland friends from my sketches.



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