Woodland Nesting Fox

Thanks for the class. Haven't done watercolor for quite a while and it's always great to see how other artists work.

I started with an initial sketch in keeping with the assignment's design.


Then, I transferred it to the watercolor...but as you can see the first attempt didn't turn out that great.


A bit dark on the front flower patterns and the colors weren't very smooth. Started getting too blotchy. Actually, I didn't really like my color combinations and probably should have waited for it dry more before adding shading.

So ... I re-drew it -- this time directly on the watercolor paper. I find the hardest part of doing a watercolor is knowing when to stop. I used Van Gogh watercolor in tubes, a #01 prismacolor pen, and some white gouache.

Again. Thanks for the the demonstration of your painting technique. I think I need to practice building the colors more... but I'm liking the end result. 




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