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Woodland Beauty

I have been wanting to make time to sit down and create a project for this series of lessons, so the 2-Week deisgn challenge is the PERFECT motivator. Thanks Elizabeth and Megan!

The direction and inspiration for my project is going to be the woods and the abundant beauty to be found within their boundries: meadows, trees, birds, wildlife, mist, moss, trails, serenity, color, sounds and silence... I would like to be able to bring it all together into one beautiful bouquet.

Step 1: The Mood Board:


Step 2: Sketches and Vectors

Here are a few of the sketches:


And after MANY MANY hours of work, the vectors:


I do not have a wacom tablet, but oh how I wish i did! I drew all of these in with the pencil and pens tools (and the simple shapes tools for a few things). And since I am a beginner, it took half of forever!! But, it is done and I like them so on to the next step...

Step 3: The Repeat

This step was so fun! Here is a single repeat:


And here it is all tiled out:


What a terrific class!

Thanks again elizabeth. You have been a wonderful instructor and and inspiration.



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