Wooden headphone stand

Wooden headphone stand - student project

Thanks for the class!

  1. Idea: Design an elegant headphone stand
  2. Audience(s): Anyone with expensive headphones who would want to keep them save and folks who want to organize their desk space
  3. Channels: I went to Reddit initially to get feedback (hence I added 3d printed saddle). Find facebook groups and use intagram hastags for headphone prone users, seems like using trending musicly hastags would be good
  4. Comms Story: need of an eleganet & functional headphone stand. A video of the process of making the headphone stand. Computer designing, machining, finishing and 3d printing of the saddle component.
  5. Rewards -

will have the option of different saddle colors. maybe have the initial color black and white, if i reach my campaign goal have the option for red, orange, green? 

- Considering adding option of laser engraving your name/message

Wooden headphone stand - image 1 - student project

Wooden headphone stand - image 2 - student project